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Hunting Song' -Whitney McVeigh',at the Venice Biennale, 2013

1 June -24 November, 2013, 10am -6pm daily except Mondays
The Gervasuti Foundation, Fondamenta S.Ana, Via Garibaldi , Castello 993/A, 30122 Venice, Nearest Vaporetto stop Giardini

Site-specific installation where McVeigh has created a fictional curiosity shop with a diverse selection of objects from her own 'collection' together with 'found' objects located on site at the Gervasuti Foundation. These have been carefully chosen and painstakingly arranged and ordered. Her own objects have been accumulated from junk shops and flea markets from her extensive travels over the last 20 years and have a profound significance to her. They include an old typewriter, artifacts from Syria and Africa, old letters, diaries, Encyclopaedias, ledgers, neglected photographs and tintypes from New York and numerous other books.Some of McVeigh's monotypes are also integrated with the other found objects and discreetly mounted in old frames including one that incorporates a cover of a book of vintage sheet music entitled Hunting Song which also provides the show's title.



Whitney McVeigh - 'Hunting Song' - vintage sheet music

Window -View of installation
Installation view inside 'shop'

close-up view of installation

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