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'Design,Anonymous,Fundamental' -David Usborne, Gervasuti Foundation, Venice Architecture Biennale, 2014

iin association with London College of Fashion, Uniiversity of the Arts, London

Anonymous solutions to Fundamental problems - Design without Designers -An exhibition curated by David Usborne, James Putanm & Lauren Jones, June - September 2014 at Gervasuti Foundation, Campo della Bragora (o Bandiera e Moro) Castello 3725, 30122 Venezia

David Usborne, a former teacher of design, has over the last 30 years formed an extraordinary collection of anonymous objects chosen for their elegant shape and puzzling function. Following the publication of his book Objectivity, A Designer's Book of Curious Tools (Thames & Hudson 2010) objects from the cpllection have been exhibited across the UK, in Portugal and now in Venice.

With the help of curator James Putnam, groups of objects have been chosen to illustrate a range of fundamental human activities: Hit, Cut, Grip, Hold. Shield, Rub, Spread, Mould and Test. The aim is that the dynamic mixture of shapes serving these common functions will inspire curiosity and wonder that is ultimately educative. The objects illuminate and resonate with many of the themes of this and previous Biennales - art, design, technology, anthropology and the vernacular.

It is an interesting coincidence that David Usborne should exhibit in the same year as his contemporary and fellow student at London's Architectural Association Rem Koolhaas - curator of the 2014 Architectural Biennale.




'View of shop front in Campo della Bragora, Castello 3725



sculptural instalationn

'Installation panel of tools

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