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Presences' - Alex Bellan,Gervasuti Foundation, Venice Architecture Biennale, 2014

Calle della Pieta 3716/A, Campo della Bragora (o Bandiera e Moro) Castello 30122

June 4 - September 7, 2014

Alex Bellan's site-specific installation aims to highlight issues related to current debates of globalization, tourism, and the use of public space.

The exploitation of the environment is an issue of long standing contestation in Venice, which made the headlines the very day this 'Presences' exhoibition opened.On June 4th The mayor of Venice along with 35 others was arreated on suspicion of corruption in relation to the construction of a multi-million Euro flood orevention system that has elicited concerns for the ecosystem of the lagoon.

Bellan's work challenges the viewer on how they are implicit in this socio-political climate even before they enter the space. A sign above the entrance forbids tourists entry, only permitting real travellers and Venetian citiizens. This makes the visitor contemplate whether they see themselves as vacuous tourists draining cities like Venice of their resources, or as socially aware travellers searching for something meaningful. This visual and conceptual dialogue is intended to trigger a critical response from the viewer.





''Presences' - Alex Bellan - Banner

Model Vaporetto installation

Alex Bellan - Video projection

'Sign above 'Presences' entrance

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