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'Out of Our Heads', Shoreditch Town Hall, London , 2014

Curated by James Putnam & Vassiliki Tzanakou

Participating artists:-

Alice Anderson,Emi Avora,David Birkin,Paul Benney,Jessica Bugg, Jonas Burgert, Mat Chivers,Mat Collishaw,Shezad Dawood,Doug Foster,Paul Fryer,Susan Hiller,Hans Kotter,Adeline de Monseignat, Numen/For Use,Tim Shaw,Jason Shulman,Agnes Treplin,Pink Twins,Ben Tyers,Jarno Vesala,Hugo Wilson,Hattie Worboys,Patrick Eakin Young

June 13-29, 2014

Hallucinations are among the most fascinating human phenomena and have often been a source of inspiration for dynamic works of art . They can affect all five of our senses, occur for many reasons, and at times are associated with mental illnesses. It is this 'grey zone or the 'space in between' where notions of reality and socially constructed belief systems are challenged.

In the evocative labyrinthine passages and chambers of the Shoreditch Town Hall basement, the 25 participating artists presented site-specific

works in a variety of media aimed to trigger the human senses. Some of the works were developed based on the latest scientific knowledge on the human brain and mind.

The works also provoked the visitor to enter the space where the human brain and mind construct the world, hovering between perception, imagination and belief. Alongside the exhibition a series of talks, film screenings, workshops, performances and events covered themes of perception, illusions, hallucinations and mental health in order to engage the public in a diverse dialogue about hallucinations and the stigma that surrounds mental health.

Consulting and participating scientists included Prof David Nutt, Dr. David O'Flynn, Dr Dominic ffytche, Prof Fiona MacPherson, Prof John Foot, Dr Konstantinos Moutoussis, Prof Semir Zeki.






'At Vespers' (2014) -Paul Fryer

J'To You the Hour' (2013)

Jonas Burgert

'N-light Membrane, (2011)-Numen/ For Use

'Soul Snatcher Possession' (2012-14)- Tim Shaw

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