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'Sex with Karl Marx (The Real Jouissance)', Martin Sexton

56th Venice Biennale -

Gervasuti Foundation - Calle Lunga S. Caterina,Cannaregio 4998

Venice 30121

May 9- November 22, 2015

A site-specific installation by Martin Sexton that features new video work and sculpture using 4.5 billion year old meteorites to re-cycled

television screen glass. Jouissance is a French word meaning ecstasy, some French literary theorists relate it to mean the only point of real freedom, where artist writer or anyone involved in creative acts is no longer mitigated through the prism of subjectivity or consciousness. In addition to his recent 'Marx' sculptures, Sexton's new video work includes the voice of Slavoj Zizek juxtaposed with a montage of video clips from vintage Italian cinema.



Martin Sexton- Karl Marx sculpture


Martin Sexton- Karl Marx sculpture


view of installation

Still from film


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