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Shamanism'– Group exhibition with 12 artists

Curated by James Putnam

May – July, 2021


Participating Artists:-

Acci Baba (Japan, 1977) | Lauren Baker (UK, 1982) | Mat Chivers (UK, 1973) | Bert Gilbert (UK, 1979) | Baptiste Ibar (France, 1977) | Katya Kan (Kazakhstan, 1984) | Silia Ka Tung (China, 1974) | Iyvone Khoo (Singapore, 1975) | Moses Quiquine (UK, 1996) | Eloise Van Der Heyden (USA, 1983) | Koen Vanmechelen (Belgium, 1965) | Nicol Vizioli (Italy, 1983)

There is a current tendency for some artists to look beyond everyday reality into the realms of the metaphyisical incorporating elements of myth, alchemy, animism, folklore and ritual into their practice. Shamanism can be defined as a universal phenomenon that relates to humanity’s relationship through Nature with its roots in the cultures of indigenous people across the world.

These mystical spiritual practices have their origins in parts of Siberia, Australia, Africa and the Americas as well as pre-modern Europe. Like shamanism, art can be a calling, a means of exploring non-ordinary states of consciousness as if in communion with an external force or “spirit”. The creation of a work of art can sometimes involve a process of metamorphosis, insights, visions and dreams, in a quest for life’s deeper meaning.

This diverse collection of international artists using the mediums of drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, video, and installation are in tune with a new sensibility that also embraces aspects of ecology, sustainability and futurism. These works can evoke our connection with the natural world and help us to feel part of an all-inclusive collective vision of our ancestor’s bond with Nature.

Shamanism cares for the well-being of both Nature and human nature, and their inter-relationship, a quality that many artists also strive to capture in their work. The artist’s observation and understanding of Nature tends to relate to an understanding of human nature, and of the human condition within Nature. By applying aspects of shamanism to the contemporary, artists express an awareness of Nature’s dual enigmatic force and fragility.


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Installation views

Koen Vanmechelen

Bert Gilbert

Baptiste Ibar
Silia Ka Tung
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