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The Sinistry– 'The Game of Life’

Curated by James Putnam

04– 07 June, 2021

2 Canal Place, London E8 4QS


The Sinistry is a creative partnership between contemporary artists Bert Gilbert and Izzet Ers who explore the themes of ritual, myth and altered states of being. Blurring the boundaries between art and fashion, their works involve the use of finely crafted textiles and mixed media. ‘The Game of Life’, their first UK exhibition, proposes that existence is a multi-dimensional game, one in which the rules have been long forgotten or misappropriated. Questioning the mind games we play on others and ourselves, the show references the ancient Egyptian/Indian board games Mehen and Snakes & Ladders

Their practice is rooted in a fascination for the intricate mythologies and layered meanings behind letters, numbers and glyphs. The sculptures, textile works and installations include a visual interpretation of texts encompassing Roman, Hebrew, Hindi, cuneiform, runic alphabets and the artists’ personal symbologies drawn from their diverse identities, These diverse texts are often juxtaposed with hybrid symbolism on masks, hands, eyes, snakes and scales, evoking new meanings while revealing their inherent instability as if calling on the mind to chase, associate and make sense. ‘The Game of Life’ presents a series of playful, cryptic clues and symbolic pathways. Employing masks and other esoteric precepts, the artists invite you to map

out your individual journey through their work.




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'The Game of Life'

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