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Maddalena Ambrosio

curated by James Putnam


T1+2 Gallery, London

January - February, 2007

Maddalena Ambrosio’s sculptural installation Anocromie suggests the storage of memory on film encapsulated within transparent silicone bricks that follow the dimensions of the traditional bricks used in Neapolitan architecture. Anocromie alludes to a sort of ‘non-place’ and the bricks can be moved to create combinations among themselves in a continuous mysterious cycle. It is based on the idea is that the information in sensory memory can be transferred to tape and relates to the science fiction novel of Philip K. Dick on which the movie Total Recall was based.  All sensory data associated with experiences could be recorded and played back allowing you to actually relive these moments. The title combines the words anachronism, something out of its proper time and anachorism, something out of place in or foreign to a country

Her series of large photoworks entitled Super Maddy also draw on science fiction as her alter ego Superheroine character, born out of a drop of infinity, gets involved in a series of extraterrestrial adventures. Like all the Superheroes she is endowed with special powers and is destined to be courageous and noble on a mission to save the world. Her task is to free the thoughts of humanity and with her super-powers activated, a fresh energy runs through her body and mind as she flies freely across the earth. Among the most evocative panoramic images is Super Maddy flying over her hometown of Naples. The story takes as its premise that reality and illusion is the same thing.  In the sequel publication Super Maddy – Explorations , she continues her adventures in a world of replicants, which include an android Maddy, and she is accompanied by her new  terrestrial  friend Super Memo, who has the mysterious mission of protecting humankind’s thoughts before he destroys them. Ambrosio has also produced two special edition books published by Charta, Milan, designed in an innovative format where the image and text is interwoven and printed on board in the style of Children’s books.

T1+2 Gallery
St. Matthew's Hall,13 Hereford St., off Cheshire St.,
London, E2 6EX

www.t12artspace.com  T: +44(0)2076133311

See publication: Maddalena Ambrosio-the myth of reality

Maddalena Ambrosio
 'Anacromie' installation

Maddalena Ambrosio

 'Balance and Flight'


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