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'Wonderland' - New Art from London
curated by James Putnam
Assab One, Milan
27th March - 23rd May 2010

Paricipating artists:-Alice Anderson, Sam Buxton, Oliver Clegg,Shezad Dawood,Tom Gallant,Stephane Graff,Henry Hudson,Bridget Hugo,Alastair Mackie,Polly Morgan,Boo Saville,Martin Sexton,Jamie Shovlin,Hugo Wilson

As the title suggests this show is intended to evoke a magical realm that proclaims a universe of fertile imaginative possibilities. Nowadays wonderment tends to be more narrowly associated with childhood and has become an increasingly remote experience in our era of relentless advancements in science and technology. Yet in the field of visual art there is still a great capacity for wonder, which is one of the most fundamental aspects of aesthetic experience. It relates to the powers of thought ,feeling, imagination and creativity. But perhaps most significantly wonderment generates an enlarged perception, a freshness of feeling and a general aura of optimism.

This diverse selection of new art from London includes painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, collage, sculpture, installation and video. Much of this displays an emerging new tendency in artistic practice with a return to more traditional artistic virtuosity, and attention to detail matched by an emphasis on process with a strong

conceptual edge. While artists of the previous generation were frequently preoccupied with their own existence these artists tend to produce work rooted in more universal subject matter. Their practice frequently involves in depth research into history, science, natural history and futurology. Also,instead of their input being just conceptual with the work fabricated by someone else,many of them show practical skills and are directly involved in the production of their work.

'Wonderland' is characterized by an overall sense of hybridity where notions of miraculous scale incorporates elements of nature and technology and intriguing scientific principles.


Associazione Assab One
Via Assab, 1

20132 Milano

Tel: +39 02 2828546  

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Alice Anderson with doll

Shez Dawood 'Behemoth' 2010

Stephane Graff - 'Professore's portable laboratory', 2010

Alastair Mackie -'House',2008

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