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'Biblioteket' - Woojung Chun
curated by James Putnam
Luftskipet - Fjell, nr. Bergen, Norway
May23 - June 26, 2010

The inaugural exhibition for Luftskipet, a mobile contemporary art gallery designed by Magne Wiggen of MMW Architects, Oslo.

'Luftskipet' meaning airship is an experimental structure - the characteristic of an airship is that it is lighter than air so it provides an apt metaphor for a project that is etheeial in nature that has a resonance with the past and future. Thus 'Luftskipet' acts as a kind of time machine linking the historic site of the Gierde farmhouse with the present day material culture of Fjell. In 2007 the Fjell Kommune acquired the farmhouse as a 'living museum' with it's archive which is linked to Woojung Chun's 'Biblioteket' installation on the site. It is in part inspired by Jorge Luis Borges celebrated story 'The Library of Babel' which proclaims the library as a universe or vice-versa, with the grand idea that it is a repository for all knowledge and every individual truth. Chun's installation is an imagined library space where the booksheves and cabinets are symbols of stored and organized knowledge. This site-specific Luftskipet installation aims to provide a vehicle to visualize a parallel between the 'imaginar' objects of Biblioteket and the archive of the Gjerdet farmhouse.


Directed by Gitte Saetre for Gode Sirklar and curated by James Putnam

LINK http://www.luftskipet.net/

LINK http://www.woojungchun.com/



Luftskipet - Mobile art project space designed by architect Magne Wiggen of MMW, Oslo.

'Biblioteket' - installation in Luftskipet by Woojung Chun

Historical archive of Fjell family & farmhouse for 'Biblioteket'

'Biblioteket' - cabinets (detail) Woojung Chun,2010

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