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'Transformer’ – exhibition – Rob & Nick Carter, Claude Lalanne, Vic Muniz, Gavin Turk

Curated by James Putnam

May 10– November 24, 2019

To coincide with 58th Venice Biennale

Hotel Londra Palace in association with Gervasuti Foundation, Ben Brown Fine Arts & Groucho Club London

Art frequently involves a process of transformation that relates to

subject, medium and context. Rob & Nick Carter's 'Transforming' series uses computer-generated imagery to transform static Old Master works into with subtly moving paintings. Their Transforming Nude Painting is a digital recreation of the Venetian Renaissance artist Giorgione’s famous Sleeping Venus (c.1510). It blends real-time footage of a sleeping model with a digital rendered landscape where the sky changes from dawn to dusk. Other works involve the paradox of animating Dutch 17th-century still life paintings. In Transforming Five Tulips in a Wan-Li Vase flowers wilt and decay referencing mortality in accordance with the traditional Vanitas.

Works by Gavin Turk and Vik Muniz are concerned with a different notion of transformation - the seemingly alchemic process of changing worthless, discarded, mundane everyday items into fine art. Gavin Turk’s PETEcomprises a realistic painted bronze sculpture of a squashed plastic water bottle displayed in an elegant museum style vitrine. Vik Muniz is renowned for his ingenious employment of unusual materials, including dust, sugar, chocolate, diamonds, caviar, toys, paper hole-punches, junk, dry pigment and in this case, shredded magazines and art historical materials which he uses to create bold new imagery magnified to a staggering scale. The works included here are inspired by old master paintings by artists such as Diego Rodríguez de Silva y Velázquez and Giovanni Paolo Panini, which are the objects of study and interpretation by an artist who is known for his re-creations of iconic and historically significant paintings.

'Transformer' also includes Claude Lalanne’s iconic  sculpture, Pomme de Jardin (Rouge) in tribute to the artist wh recently died on April 2019.




'Sleeping Venus'

Rob & Nick Carter

'Velasquez Las Meninas'    Vic Muniz

'Pete' - Gavin Turk

'Pomme de Jardin (Rouge)'    Claude Lalanne

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