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'Kosmosis' – Sound Performance by Katherine Prado, Aidan McIntyre & Dylan Isaiah

Curated by James Putnam

May 7– May 5, 2019

To coincide with the 58th Venice Biennale

Midnight in St. Marks Square and at Palazzo Donà dalle Rose, Fondamente Nove,Venice

Kosmosis’ –  An immersive sound performance by Katherine Prado with gongs and other ancient instruments played by Aidan McIntyre and visuals by Dylan Isaiah. A sound bath refers to the participants being ‘bathed’ in meditative sound waves, a form of ancient sound therapy featuring gongs and other sacred instruments.. The restorative vibrations don’t just enter through the ears, but travel through the body, which consists of at least 70 percent water, an efficient sound conductor. The constantly shifting pure frequencies and rhythms of the gong and other instruments rapidly lead the brain into a deeply meditative state, and they are believed to stimulate cellular and emotional healing by releasing stresses caused by trauma, illness and an unhealthy modern lifestyle. The audience can feel a profound connection to their bodies and nature and they don’t have to believe in it to be affected.


The performance uses amplification and subtle processing to enhance the natural and complex harmonics of all sound frequencies. The sensors on the instruments amplify their sound frequencies, harmonics and are combined with projected visuals and Katherine Prado’s enchanting vocals. This interactive sound immersion will also gather voices from the audience and loop them to the show so the audience become another ‘instrument’.


Kosmosis has its inauguration in Venice during the 58th Biennale of art that provides a significant context for a sound bath, since this ancient city is surrounded by water that can conduct sound waves. It offers perfect music meditation leaving the audience feeling relaxed and calmed to interact with art with a restorative imagination and contemplation


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'Kosmosis' - Gong Performance

'Kosmosis' - Gong Performance

'Kosmosis' - Gong Performance


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