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Iddu: James P Graham

Publication to coincide with James Graham’s installation of his Iddu project at the Musée Grand Duc Jean Luxembourg (MUDAM) from Oct - Nov 2007. ‘Iddu’ (meaning ‘Him’ in Sicilian dialect), is a 360 degree artwork realised on the landscape of the active volcano Stromboli. Made over a period of four years, this 15 minute film combines 360° and 180° panoramic multi-camera views originated on Super-8 film, coupled with a soundtrack generated from the collaboration between James P Graham and celebrated sound artist Akio Suzuki who performed in situ on the volcano. The end result is a 12 screen dodecahedral installation within an enclosed circular space of 9m diameter which immerses the viewer into the centre of a unique, and petrifyingly beautiful landscape. Introduction by curator James Putnam.

51 pages

Published by James P Graham for Mudam, Luxembourg, 2007

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Iddu: James P Graham publication, 2007

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