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Viva Lolita (18 international contemporary artists)

Catalogue to coincide with the exhibition ‘Viva Lolita’ at Maddox Arts, London, March/May 2008 with text by curator James Putnam. Inspired by the theme of Vladimir Nabokov’s book it includes works by - Charlotte Beaudry (Belgium), Heli Rekula (Finland), Koichi Enomoto (Japan), Fafi (France), Feng Qianyu (China), Nick Ruston (UK), Nazif Topcuoglu (Turkey), Li Bo (China), Mark Karasick ( Canada), Trevor Brown (UK), Nobuyoshi Araki (Japan),Hellen Van Meene (Netherlands), Lei Benben (China), Edvarda Braanas (Norway),Stu Mead (USA), Jens Lucking (Germany) Andrea Massaioli (Italy), Mat Collishaw (UK)

60 pages

Published by Maddox Arts, London, 2008

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Viva Lolita - publication, 2008

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