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'Signal' by Simon Tegala - screening...Bender live musical score

Special Film Screening followed by artist Simon Tegala in discussion with Dr. Kevin Rigly chaired by James Putnam

Artprojx & James Putnam present ...

Signal by Simon Tegala (screening 15mins)

 Live musical score by ... BENDER (1st set)

A brief talk by Dr. Kevin Rigley, leading immunologist and consultant for Signal

A discussion between artist Simon Tegala and Dr. Kevin Rigley, chaired by James Putnam, curator and producer of Signal

Signal by Simon Tegala (screening 15mins)

Live musical score by ... BENDER (2nd set)

Tuesday 19 June 2007

7pm - 8.15pm

Artprojx at Prince Charles Cinema

7 Leicester Place

London WC2

also see link: http://www.artprojx.com/SIGNAL.html

  'Signal', Prince Charles cinema



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