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'From Material Things: art and artefact in the 21st century'
British Museum, Clore Centre, 22-23 February, 2002.

Contributors - Marjorie Allthorpe-Guyton, Janet Barnes, Mary Butcher, Augustus Casely-Hayford, Emmanuel Cooper, Neil Cummings, Tom Dixon, Christopher Frayling, Kenya Hara, Tanya Harrod, Janis Jefferies, Germaine Koh, Henrietta Lidchi, John Mack, Linda Nochlin, Lucy Orta, Nikos Papestergiadis, Grayson Perry, Sadie Plant, Alice Rawsthorn, John Reeve, Colin Richards, Edmund de Waal, Vivienne Westwood.

A two day international conference staged in collaboration with Arts Council of England to mark their new responsibility for craft and design. It examined the common ground currently shared in visual by craft, design and fine art. The panel discussions were framed around four key themes: material, time, space and institution. Each was covered by two main speakers with a chair person and there were panel discussions at the end of each day. The presentations were interspersed with breakout and plenary sessions where the audience engaged in smaller group discussions followed by questions to the speakers via six specially appointed facilitators.

A special talk by Vivienne Westwood and performances by Germaine Koh and Tom Dixon accompanied the conference. For details go to Performances

For more details of the conference link to dedicated website www.frommaterialthings.com

Grayson Perry as 'Flo'
Linda Nochlin and Tom Dixon's extruding machine
Huang Yong Ping. Sculpture. '100 arms of Guan-Yin', 1997

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