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Egyptology Publications

- Egyptology - An Introduction to the History, Culture and Art of Ancient Egypt

It covers the whole range of life in ancient Egypt from the pyramids and the pharaohs to everyday life. Although our vision of Egypt is dominated by the magnificent glory of the pyramids and the fascinating discovery of the tombs, this book also introduces the reader to the intricacies of the beautiful system of hieroglyphics. This is based on the most up-to-date and widely accepted information in the light of recent discoveries and research. Written in a lively and readable style and accompanied by a wealth of attractive and informative colour illustrations.

Published by Apple Press, London, 1990.

ISBN 1-85076-226-0

- An Introduction to Egyptian Mythology

An introduction to and edited version of Lewis Spence's classic insights into the nature and origins of Egyptian gods, researched from ancient texts, history and folklore. Vividly illustrated with images of gods, temples and hieroglyphs, reproductions of tomb paintings and the eternal landscape of Egypt.

Published by Random House, London,1996.

ISBN 1 85891 425 6

Egyptology - An Introduction to the History, Culture and Art of Ancient Egypt.
An Introduction to Egyptian Mythology.

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