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The producers: Contemporary Curators in Conversation (5)

'The Producers' is a unique and ongoing series of public debates on the theme of curatorship, organised by artist and Baltic Chair in Contemporary Art at the University of Newcastle, Susan Hiller. Since its inception in March 200, 'The Producers' has brought together curators, exhibition organizers, artists and other creative practitioners to discuss the changing role of the curator in the field of contemporary art.

Issues addressed in this publication, include the ‘museumification’ of contemporary art and culture, the different functions of the curator from 'protector' (of artists and artworks) and selector, to agitator, and the role of art schools within an increasingly professionalized art world. Participants are: Andrew Renton & Sacha Craddock, Jonathan Watkins & Laura Godfrey-Isaacs, James Putnam & Barbara London.

Published by Baltic in collaboration with the University of Newcastle, 2002.

ISBN 1-903655-13-7
ISBN 0-7017-0150

The Producers: Contemporary Curators in Conversation (5)

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