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If This Be Not I - Christopher Bucklow at the British Museum.

This volume collects Christopher Bucklow’s drawings and paintings together for the first time. Many were made during his extraordinary residency at the British Museum. As part of this residency, Bucklow underwent a course of psychoanalysis, and rather than search for inspiration in the forms of the art objects housed within the great institution he investigated the forms of mind he found in the curators and academics both there and at the adjacent University of London. Bucklow’s success in this research and his depositing of those ideas within the vehicle of his work have been applauded by one critic in this way: ‘Christopher Bucklow uniquely manages to combine the rigour and richness of a narrative as involved as that of Matthew Barney or William Blake with surfaces as seductive as those of Gorky or de Kooning. They unite the mind and eye in pleasure’.

126 pages
Published by The Wordsworth Trust, UK, 2004

ISBN 1 870787 95 1

If This Be Not I - Christopher Bucklow at the British Museum.

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