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Gu - The Last Judgement - Pierre-Yves at Naples Archaeological Museum
Installed within a gallery of historical paintings, Pierre-Yves Le Duc’s ‘The Last Judgement (GU)’ constructs a transitional reflective space within the philosophical realm of the museum. It enables us to contemplate our response to the subject beyond its purely religious context. Le Duc’s suspended figure of Christ, suggests a perpetual cyclical movement in space and his is contorted posture is echoed in the multitude of stylized anthropomorphic figures on the screen of a hundred panels. Caught in the mystical web of time and space, they possess an arcane numerical significance. As the divine judge, the suspended ‘acrobatic’ Christ orchestrates them to rise and fall in space like the blessed and damned. This installation uses visual and auditory space, combining darkness and illumination, with a careful consideration of the gallery’s architectural proportions and suggests the infinite void of eternity.

286 pages, b/w illustrations
Published by Museo Archaeologico Nazionale, Naples, 2004

Gu - The Last Judgement - Pierre-Yves at Naples Archaeological Museum

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