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Incantestino Lunare/ Lunar Enchantment - Betty Bee Archive

Betty Bee archives her life as part of her art practice with letters and poems from former lovers, photographs and keepsakes meticulously gathered and preserved in her personal ‘museum, an open ongoing collection. Her work also draws from memories of an unhappy childhood, the cruelty and neglect of her father combined with sexual abuse by her brother. This forced her to leave home and live on the streets of Naples as a teenager. She mixes fantasies and desires with images of innocence, sexuality and voyeurism. Betty’s artistic resource is herself and her tragic/comic narrative is told using both traditional and non-traditional media – paintings both figurative and text-based, photographs, videoworks, performances and installations.

But identity is conflict and she is and has been both the artist and the model and her work is the coalescence of contradictory sets of traits from foolhardy to protective and from childlike to streetwise.

206 pages, b/w and colour illustrations
Published by Raucci/Santamaria, Naples, 2004

Incantestino Lunare/ Lunar Enchantment - Betty Bee Archive
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