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Homage to Isadora Duncan from East and West

British Museum, Clore Centre Foyer, 22 September, 2001.

A performance by Japanese dancer Michiyo Sato and Jeanne Bresciani, artistic director of the Isadora Duncan International Institute, New York. This was accompanied by Aenea Mizushima Keyes on violin and the event was produced by Noriko Masuyama. This was followed by a special performance by Filipino artist David Medalla in collaboration with Shoe Taylor and German video artist Fritz Stolberg. These two performances celebrated 100 years since the birth of modern dance by Isadora dance. Held at the very site where Isadora was inspired by ancient Greek sculpture and was arrested for her impromptu performance in the Elgin Marbles Gallery.

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To download edited video click here.

To visit Michiyo Sato's website click here.

Michiyo Sato and Jeanne Bresciani with the Greek sculptures.
Michiyo Sato in front of the Mausoleum at The British Museum

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